How To Take Awesome Skiing Videos

Taking some video of your trip to Taos Ski Valley? Here are a few tips for taking better videos on the mountain. Even if you only want videos of individual runs, most of these tips are universal.

Use More Than One Camera Mount.

Helmets, sticks, chesties. There are many ways to mount your GoPro or other action video camera. If you can, get more than one. If you plan on putting together compilation of of the trip, variety goes a long way.

Vary the POV

Helmet mounts are great for first person accounts of a thrilling run, but they often fail to capture the true steepness of the run. If you want to accurately capture the gradient of Taos Ski Valley’s super steep terrain, it’s best to shoot from across the hill. Straight down and straight up shots make things look disappointingly flat. You can shoot video of any good skier, even if you don’t know them. Good skiing is good skiing.

Where Are You?

If you’re going to drop into one of Taos’ legendary chutes of the West Basin, let people know which one you’re standing on top of. It’s so simple to take a shot of the trail sign, yet so few people do it. Take a wide establishing shot to give some context to where you are. This also works when you reach the bottom. Looking back up shows what you just did from a different angle.

Keep the Crashes.

If it’s a leg breaker, you might want to edit it out, but otherwise, crashes make good video. A compilation of crashes is even better. If you want, you can edit out the foul language later.

Make it a talkie.

Even if your focus is on skiing action, a little dialogue adds a human element and reveals mood and emotion. Don’t hold in those hoots if you’re having a good run.

Tell a story.

Whether it’s one run, one day or one week, give your video a beginning, a middle and an end. A good beginning hooks the viewer. If your goal is to make a video travelog, take some establishing shots. Shoot video driving into the parking lot. If you’re staying at the Edelweiss Lodge and Spa, get some footage of the building and its location right on the mountain. For a single run, a shot of the trail sign can be enough for a beginning.

Remember, guests at the Edelweiss have access to loner Go Pros (bring your own SD card or use the one in your phone).  Kent will set you up.

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