Whitewater Rafting – Taos, NM

Are you looking for family friendly summer activities during your stay in the Taos Ski Valley? Look no further than Los Rios River Runners. They offer safe, fun and exciting adventures down one of the world’s most well known rivers – the Rio Grande.

The ½ day Racecourse adventure is a great introduction to the thrills of whitewater rafting and the scenic beauty of Northern New Mexico. Thrill seekers meet at the Rio Grande visitor’s center in Pilar and are shuttled to the launch sites along the Rio Grande.

After a brief but thorough safety talk – groups are formed and placed with guides (our personal favorite is Leslie). Thus begins a two or three hour journey into a rift valley formed some twenty nine million years ago. Class 1, 2 and 3 rapids provide plenty of adventure while guides provide a wealth of information about the surrounding geology and wildlife. This trip is sure to spawn future river guides.

Be sure to speak with our Taos Ski Valley vacation rental concierge about Taos whitewater rafting packages.

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