Summer in Taos

Taos never fails to amaze me with its astounding beauty.  From the snow capped peaks of winter to the forever skies encountered throughout the year, this city of “light” is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.

double rainbow Taos, NMWhen I moved here, many years ago, I remember being bewildered by the number of “seasons” that this mountain enclave displayed.  Along with the traditional Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, there was the dreaded “mud season” which befell us each April and May and the exciting “rainbow season”  from late July through early September.

During “rainbow season” hardly a day goes by where we are not blessed with the presence of double or triple rainbows framing our mountain and setting our town ablaze. Thus far this month, I have personally witnessed four triple rainbows and eight doubles.  These present wonderful photo opportunities but, more importantly, they provide with an opportunity to really relish the natural gifts that surround us and remind us of what it is really all about.

night skies of Taos

Photo Courtesy of IGer: @inlightfulimages

Summer also provides us with spectacular celestial shows.  The wide open spaces and protection from light pollution allow visitors to regularly see the Andromeda Galaxy or the Great Nebula in Orion and to enjoy the annual Perseids meteor showers in their full glory.  This provides a perfect way to cap off an evening out on the town with a little extra special romance.

With cool mountain air, expansive vistas, friendly and adventurous people and a plethora of activities including mountain biking, river rafter, fly fishing, hot air ballooning and, of course, hiking; summers are at least as exciting as ski season.  And, we have not even touched on the temples, cultural hotspots or wild flowers.

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