Taos Ski Valley Reconstruction

Work is well underway at the base of lift #1.  Although the basement of the new parking garage is still not completely dug, the initial hurdles have all been jumped.

What is in store for the New Taos Ski Valley Plaza?

The “plaza” as it has been named, will be consistent with what we have seen developed in the some of the better known ski resorts of the Rocky Mountains.  Brick pavers will line the store fronts and provide access to a plethora of new shops and “hangouts”.  A new, four story building will take the place of the old ticket windows and underground locker rooms.  Decorative plaster walls and low level Bollard lights will line the banks of the West Fork and a small sculpture garden will greet new arrivals.  Well placed benches, flower pots, bike racks and ski racks will be found along the walkway.  The existing tree house deck will remain (at least for the time being).

Overall, the look seems to be consistent with the village of Telluride, small and contained.  Future plans are underway for further expansion but, the 2015/2016 season will be ushered in with a totally new look and feel while still retaining much of the original flavor that we have come to love.  The addition of retail spaces along the plaza will draw tourist dollars and ensure that the “forgotten items” will be readily available.  It will also provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that can operate year round.   Ideally, the nightlife will be enhanced thus allowing weary travelers to stay put during the evening hours and, perhaps, share enticing stories of their wonderful ski adventures with friends near and far.

So far, it seems that the entire process has been handled with great care and concern for maintaining the “uniqueness” that is Taos.  I, for one, am filled with anticipatory delight for the coming season.

I also cannot stress enough that NOW is the time to book your lodging.  The coming season will prove to be far busier so in town lodging may no longer suit your skiing needs as the ski valley road may prove to be far fuller, far earlier than in seasons past.  The Edelweiss Lodge and Spa reservations desk is already buzzing with travelers who desire ski in ski out access to the up-and-coming hottest ski resort in the West.  I assure you that you will want to take part.

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